Pitbulls Wikia

A lot people think when they hear the name 'Pit Bull' a vicious dog who will attack for no reason. Why? Because many of this breed are trained to be cruel. They are abused, used in illegal dog fights, and sadly killed because of that.

But what they don't know is pit bulls are not like this. They are fun, loving dogs who would play with you and stay loyal till death. It is the owners who train the dogs to be aggressive. The dog is loyal and listens. They then become trained to attack anyone. Pit Bulls are friendly, calm, and will protect you if in trouble. They would give their life for you. They will start from an adorable pup with the cutest antics to a dog with the will to protect you to the dog who dies a happy life, if trained well. Most Pitties get along with most every animal, dogs big or small.

Although this fun loving dog is hard for some of us to see as a vicious attack-beast, you would have to train your Pit Bull to be friendly. Pitties aren't bad dogs, they're misunderstood. But Pit Bulls take time to train, as well as any other dog or pup. But it is worth it! Pitties are half the work and twice the fun!

I know that if someone were to tell me 'all pit bulls are bad', they'd be absolutely wrong! Pitts are energetic and fun-loving, sweet, and loyal. Some pitts are very protective, others roll on their backs and show their bellies to strangers, some run out of reach and race back and knock the owners over, and some barely ever lift a paw.

Pitts are family dogs. They get along great with children, and are very intelligent. Not as intelligent as some dogs, and very, very stubborn sometimes, which is what makes them a unique breed. Sure, they are muscular, with strong jaws, a slobbering mouth, and a muscular body. But Pitties won't attack you! They will lick you to death instead.

Not all owners are irresponsible people who just want money. Most of the people with hyperactive or aggressive pitties really do mean well, but they lack the calm and assertive energy needed to handle powerful breed dogs like Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Dogos.