Pitbulls Wikia

The Pitbulls Wiki Rules:

  1. No mean or hurtful comments to others.
  2. Advertising allowed, as long as it is not hurtful to others.
  3. No bossing around.
  4. Be appropriate.
  5. (Admins only) Only block those who are very harmful, and warn them before you do. Give reasons.
  6. Do not attack others for their comments.
  7. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  8. No political or religious discussion, because it could cause fights.
  9. No fighting, especially with admins and with Rifle, the founder.
  10. Be respectful to people of a higher rank than you, because they will influence wether you get promoted or demoted.
  11. Be open to new ideas for the wiki.
  12. Always confirm with an admin or Rifle if you want to make a poll.
  13. Always make sure the photos you are uploading to an article have to do with the article, Pitbulls for a Pitbulls article, dobermans for a Doberman article, Rottweilers for a Rottweiler article, food for a diet article, etc.
  14. Before making a page about a new breed of misunderstood dog, plz contact the admins and Rifle before doing so and make sure that they AGREE.
  15. Try to always vote on the Pitbulls Wikia's polls and comment on the article, as this helps to improve our beloved wiki.
  16. Enjoy the wiki.
  17. Please try your best to follow these rules!

Please feel free to add more rules!