Pitbulls Wikia

Pitbulls were created Bulldogs and Terriers together to make an agile and strong dog. They were developed for what is now know as illegal "Blood Games". Yes they were developed for that, but little did the developers now what a loving, loyal and helpful dog they would turn out to be. Pit bulls are now used as loyal family dogs, companions, police dogs, and last but not least, therapy dogs. But since not all owners buy them for those reasons, they are sadly trained to be bad. Some are trained to guard illegal things or operations, trained to attack police and worse of all used as "Attack dogs". But all of these are a result of bad owners, training they're pit bulls to do bad things.


Here's some good news. In an effort to counter the fighting reputation of pit bull-type dogs, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals renamed pit bull terriers to "St. Francis Terriers", so that people might be more likely to adopt them.

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